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MiHEC’s June 2019 Visit to DRC

In June 2019, MiHEC President Tina Salumu and her husband Ben went to the DRC again. Once again, they brought much needed medical, school, and children’s supplies to hospitals and orphanages.

Here’s a video in which Ben thanks the supporters of MiHEC and explains how some of the orphanages in DRC get no financial support aside from donations from organizations such as MiHEC.

Ben on Emission Kinshasa News

Centre Mère et Enfant de Barumbu (Barumbu Mother and Child Center in Kinshasa)

EEV/EDEN Orphanage (Kinshasa)

Orphelinat De Kimbondo (Kimbondo Orphanage in Kinshasa)

You can view photos and even more videos from the trip on MiHEC’s Facebook page.

Did you miss our April 2018 library presentations?

In April 2018, MiHEC gave free presentations at two libraries in Fort Collins, Colorado about the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the plight of its people, and why MiHEC’s mission is so important. We had good turnout and wonderful feedback about both events.

While MiHEC does not plan on making any more presentations for the rest of 2018, do not despair if you missed them. We now have video from board member Felix Wong’s portion of the first presentation, which you can watch to learn facts, history, and fun trivia about the DRC!

MiHEC board member Felix Wong presenting about information, facts, histroy, and fun trivia about the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The other portions of our presentations were about Tina Salumu and Kate Colby’s experiences in the DRC, including a trip they made to the country during the summer of 2017 on behalf of MiHEC. Steve Johnson also talked about MiHEC’s current projects and how you can help.

While we do not have video from those parts of the presentations, you can peruse the rest of this website for much of that information.

MiHEC’s June 2018 visit to DRC

During June 15-30, 2018, MiHEC president Tina Salumu traveled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo on behalf of the organization.  The trip–including flights–was made largely at her own expense, with MiHEC reimbursing her for some extra carry-on and shipping agency costs.

Tina ended up taking two-and-a-half suitcases full of MiHEC donations along with her for distribution.  These goods were added to the (at least seven) boxes that shipped in December from Denver and arrived in April in Kinshasa.

Tina then divided up the goods, which she supervised the distribution of in:

  1. Kimbondo Orphanage in Kinshasa
  2. Hôpital Général de Kindu in Maniema (baby clothes, blankets, toothbrushes, toothpaste to the hospital’s maternity ward)
  3. Village of Lubile (clothing, shoes, toothbrushes, and toothpaste to local children)
  4. A new orphanage under construction in Kindu (lots of baby clothes)

Videos of some of the June distributions have been posted to MiHEC’s Facebook page.  Tina received an especially joyful reception in Lubile, where she was welcomed by joyful singing and dancing. She also gave the Hôpital Général de Kindu a nebulizer as a gift (an aerosol compressor for asthma and breathing difficulties).

Tina cited a desperate need for more nebulizers for some newborns and premature babies. She said these could be acquired from eBay in the U.S. for $25, whereas she had to pay $100 to buy one in Kindu.  Please consider making a donation to MiHEC so we can acquire and ship nebulizers and other goods to the above orphanages and hospitals.